Board of Directors

Samer “Sam” Tawfik Chairman of the Board
Samer “Sam” Tawfik is the founder of LMP Automotive Holdings, Inc. and has served as our President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors since January 2018. Prior to the founding of LMP Automotive Holdings, Inc., Mr. Tawfik was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Telco Group, Inc. which was acquired by Leucadia National Corp. in 2007 with a valuation of $160,000,000. Mr. Tawfik also founded and was Chief Executive Officer of PT-1 Communications, Inc. which was acquired by Star Telecommunications Inc. in 1998 with a valuation of $590,000,000. From February 1999 through March 2000, Mr. Tawfik served as a Director of Star Telecommunications, Inc. Mr. Tawfik has extensive experience in technology, finance, banking and statistical science. Awards given to Mr. Tawfik and his prior companies include, Top 10 technology & communications CEO in the U.S., number 1 on Inc. 500’s fastest growing company list in the U.S. for two consecutive years, largest pre-paid Telecom company in the world, Consumer Reports’ best new product of the year, JPM / KPMG Top 25 private employers, number 1 fastest growing in N.Y., 10th largest private company in N.Y., 4th largest international and 8th largest long-distance telecom company in the U.S. behind AT&T, and many more.
William “Billy” Cohen Member
William “Billy” Cohen has served as a member of our Board of Directors and the Lead Independent Director since March 2018 and is the Chairman of the Audit Committee. He is currently the Vice Chairman at Newmark Knight Frank, a global commercial real estate advisory firm. Mr. Cohen has over 38 years’ of experience with commercial real estate acquisitions, conflict management, negotiation, fund raising, tenant representation, owner representation, leasing advisory services, property and asset management, and corporate advisory services. Mr. Cohen holds a B.A. in Finance from the University of Miami.
Robert “Bob” J. Morris, Jr.Member
Robert “Bob” J. Morris, Jr. has served as a member of our Board of Directors and Audit Committee since May 2019. He is currently Director of The Southeast region for the Tim Lamb Group and Former Chairman of the Pontiac-GMC National Dealer Council. Mr. Morris has represented AutoNation, Hendrick Automotive Group, AMSI (Terry Taylor) and many others in buy-sell transactions of franchised dealerships. Mr. Morris brings over three decades of retail automotive experience that encompasses franchise dealer acquisitions and operations, pre-owned dealer operations, as well as leasing, finance and sales expertise. Prior to joining the Tim Lamb Group, he led and owned franchise dealerships for over two decades and always exceeded factory goals.
Elias NaderMember
Elias Nader has served as a member of our Board of Directors and Audit Committee since May 2019. Mr. Nader has over 25 years of experience in Finance and Accounting. He is a versatile, high-energy finance executive who leads companies through change and challenge to profitable growth. He is skilled in negotiating partnerships and alliances with a keen ability to forecast industry trends and capture opportunities as well as experienced in transforming and growing technology start-ups to global businesses. Prior to joining LMP’s Board, Mr. Nader was the interim President and CEO of Sigma Designs, Inc., a Nasdaq-listed Company, as well as its Chief Financial Officer. He has also served as a Board Member of the company from 2012 to 2019. Mr. Nader also serves as an Advisory Board Member of Bottles Waiting, a private company, and served as an Audit Committee Member of the Board of Directors of YuMe, Inc., a Nasdaq-listed company from 2016 to 2018. Prior to that, Mr. Nader was the Chief Financial Officer for Imperial Holding, based in Europe and the Middle East, and held numerous senior executive roles in a number of Fortune 500 public companies. Mr. Nader is a graduate of San Jose State University.
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